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The 5 People Who Make Life Heaven

They listen when you need to talk Talk when you need to listen They know your darkness Let you know theirs Without judgement and expectation You can talk to them about how you see things They don't get angry or anxious when you disagree Trust you enough to say what they really think Read tweets and novels Never make you beg or grovel Won't allow it Remind you that you're better than that Lay some of their burden on you Let you behind their wall Feel welcome behind yours You feel each other with heart and mind Even if you don't explain yourself  They get you You get them These are the ones that make life worth living Make you love to be alive Reflect you to you Teach and learn Some days the lead singer Some days the band These are the ones You can count on one hand (c) Ron Kennedy 
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On Killer Mike's new album Michael

  I'm sorry to hear about Killer Mike's loss and the struggles of his family members. It takes courage to share these personal experiences with the world through music . Regarding his critical acclaim, it is important to recognize that mainstream media often fail to recognize and uplift voices from marginalized communities. These voices are often overlooked or condemned to the margins because it challenges the status quo and the dominant narrative . If you listen to Killer Mike's music, I hope you approach it with an open mind and an appreciation for his willingness to speak truth to power. I would hope that his message would inspire listeners to examine their own lives and the systems that contribute to inequality and oppression. In the fight for justice and equity, we need diverse voices to be heard and amplified. We must uplift and

Persevere Padawan

   I firmly believe that everyone has the capacity to embody the principles of J.E.D.I - Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity - if they have a deep understanding of these values. To become a J.E.D.I, one must first understand the importance of justice, fairness, and equal rights for all, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or sexuality. Equity means recognizing that everyone has unique needs, abilities, and challenges, and working to ensure that each person has access to the same opportunities and resources to thrive. This requires us to acknowledge and address systemic inequality and oppression, and actively work to dismantle it. Diversity is crucial in building a just and inclusive society, as it allows for varied perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds to be valued and integrated. To embrace diversity, we must cultivate empathy, curiosity, and openness to learning from people who are different from us. Lastly, inclusivity means creating spaces and systems that welc


   I believe that affirmative action remains essential in 2023 because it is a necessary tool for addressing the deep-rooted disparities and systemic discrimination that persist in our society. Affirmative action seeks to provide equitable opportunities for historically marginalized groups, particularly Black individuals, who have faced generations of oppression, discrimination, and exclusion. Despite advancements in civil rights, inequality and racial injustice persist in many areas, including education, employment, housing, and criminal justice. Affirmative action works to counteract these disparities by actively promoting diversity and representation in various institutions, including universities and workplaces. By implementing affirmative action, we acknowledge that equality is not simply a matter of removing explicit barriers or proclaiming colorblindness. Instead, it recognizes that equality necessitates proactive measures to address the structural inequities and biases that con


 I believe that the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in all American public schools is a significant and necessary step towards a more inclusive and just society. CRT seeks to acknowledge and address the systemic racism deeply embedded in America's history, institutions, and policies, which often go unnoticed or unchallenged. Education is a powerful tool for societal transformation, and teaching CRT allows students to understand the complex and nuanced ways that racism operates and perpetuates inequality. By learning about the historical and ongoing impacts of racism, students can develop a more comprehensive understanding of America's fabric and recognize the necessity for continued progress and change. Critics of CRT often argue that it promotes division or perpetuates victimhood. However, this perspective overlooks the fact that true equality can only be achieved when we confront and dismantle the structural barriers that prevent marginalized communities from accessing

The American Way

  The idea that the American way is one half comfort and privilege and one half the destruction of everything and everyone is a complex and controversial topic that requires a careful consideration of multiple perspectives. Proponents of the American way being half comfort and privilege can argue that: 1. The United States has a long history of providing its citizens with a high standard of living, including access to healthcare, educational opportunities, and social services. 2. The country is known for its robust economy, which offers opportunities for upward social mobility and financial prosperity. 3. Many American citizens enjoy freedoms and protections that are often not available in many other countries. At the same time, those who argue that the American way is half the destruction of everything and everyone suggest that: 1. The U.S. is responsible for a significant amount of global environmental degradation, with high levels of carbon emissions and a disregard for sustai

Spring to Mind

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash This morning I slow danced In secret With the sunrise There was nothing To prove Nothing To win or lose Nothing To hold on to Or let go We just danced Illicitly Guilt-free Forgot reality And any need to be Anything other Than present This morning I slow danced In secret With the sunrise.


Photo by  Gustavo Spindula  on  Unsplash Sometimes I check my neck to see if it’s still Half red, half dirty and half um Andrew, I’m still gonna need some Help with that Math We live in an era where Before you even speak an opinion You might be attacked For what you have Or don’t How you look What you might say How you act Who you love Where you live That you give a damn about facts That you empathize with those cast As villains in the common narrative Or even that you don’t naturally fall in line Being of your own mind Self-educated Self meditated Spiritually in moments sublime I lay on my back & count the stars listening to For Now Thinking on philosophies that rhyme Alone & feeling fine.

Poetry Tree

I saw no birds grieve No fallen leaves No branches on the ground None made a sound It wasn’t rotten It didn’t die in a storm Capitalism came In its progress form To take one of my last  Best refuges from me I may be the only one who noticed The death of my poetry tree.

Reasonable Words

Photo by  Brooke Cagle  on  Unsplash I married my small town There was no shotgun I had a way out & My youngest son was set When faced with a choice of flight & hoping to find you While hoping you would find me I chose love & sacrifice over poetry Truth is though poetry never left Never will leave Moves as I move But I may have sacrificed Any chance with you I was not afraid to risk All my coin on a pitch & toss Then write 10,000 words That makes a gain of loss I just couldn’t tell what was true You seemed to prefer your solitude Aside from that There was a need A weight that fell Upon some I love There was no providence coming Other than what these hands With what I had in my hands In my heart In my mind With my choice This is not to say no one cared It’s just that it’s ruggedly Individualist out here & the trickles Never get anything close to Raising our boats Some wo

Soft Power

Photo by  Marcis Berzins  on  Unsplash I bury my treasure in you Glory is for my A&R This is not platitude You are Me and I am too What I want is to feel Your neck on my neck again Hips to hips Lips to lips I dip, you dip, we dip & a gentle rocking motion A cold steel And a warm feel Long distance train ride From the Smokys to the west coast Stop in L.A. to see a Jeff Ross Roast Then on to the ocean A late summer breeze With a boy of summer who doesn’t leave Just waits for you in September Writes things down we want to remember Like when you were betrothed To the guy who rocked yachts Until I rocked his boat Your mother asked that I Not make you cry That I let our love die I said I’d try but My soul feels designed To make my case with your courtship In public places Wearing god’s many faces A chameleon of sorts A shapeshifter if you will A casual fan of sports A grifter who only borrows to add value

Weakness For Sweetness

Photo by  Valerie Sigamani  on  Unsplash She actually was from Venus Recently relocated to Mars She likes to criticize the gutter Hate on the stars Sexually she’s a tiger And I’m a few strokes over par Her best friends her security But she loves my avatar She’s a big Rob Thomas fan Likes that I’m a little unwell She forgive my insecurities As long as I’ve got stories to tell She’s a murderer, if looks could kill I’d show up to pay her bail I invited her into the twilight But love her enough To hold hands in hell

Starry Starry-Eyed Versoli

Photo by  Leon Rohrwild  on  Unsplash I’ve fallen and misplaced my wings Not saying I’m an angel Where I’m from They don’t call us such things I had a fondness for wires Now I can’t reach them I stood on the right I stood on the left Now I impeach them Disarm narratives Press paradigms Offer guided tours Of rabbit holes With rhymes Post partisan Contrite and seeking reunion I pray, meditate, worship and commune It’s February and I’m still waiting for June I can’t see any clouds in the sky But I can feel her beginning To reign in my art Another Joan of Arc Is not only possible She chose my place to stay On a quiet day I can feel your breath on my chest Warm naked caress Relieving stress Offering a new beginning Take it from someone Who knows how to lose This right here Feels like winning If you want to fly Too close to the sun I’ll share my broken wings If you’re going back to halos He