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How can you smile the way you do how can you not miss me like i miss you how could your words have ever been true the coldest thing is that you dont miss me like i miss you do you want to see inside me all the dark places where i try and hide you know im sorry for what i said what i did you dont sleep but its not from thinking about me or we or what we dreamed or how we lost it my consolation my comfort when i sleep is that i know that one day soon i wont be cut this deep only the strong yeah right gone to soon do i ever cross your mind when you say goodnight to the moon i want you back or out of my mind for now i cant find a moments peace but i can see the other side bitter yup sweet im not how do i build bridges when i cant break down these walls of broken promises and failed attempts i just want to hear you say just another day i wish i never ducked your calls i wish i never cared at all insecurity is never sexy you celebrated my complexity then you left me and im more alone yeah i said it i regret it and i dont care who knows or if you see this all i know is i miss you Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


  1. wow - this is beautiful - heartfelt - my fav lines are
    how do i build bridges when i cant break down these walls of broken promises..

  2. Sad and beautifully well done. Excellent writing Theron. :) Love the new blog set up, it's looking fantastic!

  3. I was going to mention the same lines as Claudia notes above; don't we all ask that question? The emotion comes across even as the language remains controlled. I like how this is both personal and also universal.

  4. This is incredible my friend. I can absolutely feel the longing of a love gone away and I love the way that you expressed it. Beautiful. Love and Light, Sender

  5. i think we are going to start sounding repititious as those are the lines that snapped my head back and made my heart stand at attention...beautiful one shot theron!

  6. Wow, a gorgeous piece of work there! I really loved the emotions! =)

  7. Left me with silent tears, racing heartbeats and a long sigh..burning and flat. loved every word Theron..emotional one shot for me..great work!

  8. "how do i
    build bridges
    when i cant
    break down these
    walls of broken

    —profound raw honesty that flows rapid; skilled lines justify many emotions. intense

  9. Raw emotions pour forth..

    I can relate to that deep longing. Yet I know it is better to let go..

    ode to un-puntuated verses

  10. Increadibly beautiful in its sadness.

  11. Love forsaken, love forgone, love yearned for. I want to weep. Nice one.

  12. bitter tears, words that should be torn up and thrown away and emotion

    Clear and raw my friend
    What a great expression of love gone...

    A One Shot Fav

    Hugs from this Moon

  13. a poem that touches the heart.. very beautiful!

  14. Its so beautiful... loved the words...

    "do i ever cross
    your mind
    when you say
    goodnight to the moon"

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Connect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  15. I've written a lot of poems with this "regret" theme, too, so I strongly related to this. Well done, my friend. :)

  16. sad yet beautiful sentiments,
    love the way you do it, asking questions and more.
    fabulous entry.

  17. Truly touching that embrace the heart with sadness, wonderful words:D

  18. Wow!

    "I want you back
    or out of my mind"

    That says it all! Great stuff, Theron!

  19. Oh, this is definitely a song! Great flow.

  20. and again you manage to create a masterpiece....i so love you at one shot..cheers pete

  21. I sense the longing in this. Very honest too.

  22. A bitter sweet poem. I love it!

  23. "I want you back/or out of my mind..." The past is a trap where you gnaw your foot off to get out some days...but there's a little reptile in any survivor and one day it grows back--sense you already know that in this poem.

  24. perfects! your words strong enough in every line, verses in every souls i love the flows of your mind, so brilliant! :)


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