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I'm not willing

to only live on sunny days

in light ways

there is more life out there

and more to learn about

Me and U your Mama

and your cousin too

I'm not unique in

what I've been through

but maybe I am

in my worldview

they don't like my facts

or how I figure

I'm extra large

my heart and mind

are bigger bigger bigger

than they used to be

when you look in my third eye

what do you see?

I'm looking in the mirror

because I don't want to be

blind to my own reality

I want to remove

all the articles

that obscure my vision

of the god particle

I don't want to be Spartacus

I'm The Artist

Formerly known as Big Urban

my Suburban grooves

to Bob Marley tunes

when I move he moves

because it's my hug

my heart that

soothe him to sleep

give him inner peace

fill up the love

in his heart

maybe he is my art

that is something about

the new me that you

must understand

if I wanna be your man

and also that

I'm on that inclusivity

and integration

infinite diversity expressed

as an indivisible one

and the other way round

I'm knocking down

all my velvet ropes

to expand my consciousness

broaden my horizons

until my last heartbeat

I'm ready for my illusions

my delusions

to expire

I want clarity 
far more than notoriety

the Universe

is my only deity

you can borrow my visine

to lubricate

to cleanse

when to your own self

you prevaricate

those times when

you look in the mirror

and all you see

is who they told you to be

feel free to observe my processes

my digresses

my Socrates with a tendency

to take flight

that's right

I'm like a bird

I've kissed the sky

so there is no way I

could ever be satisfied

with only walking this way

talking that way

I want to see the picture

with as many pieces

of the puzzle

as it takes

for it to become clear

Do you still want to come by here?

Hold a poet's hand

forgive my mistakes

not leave because

you anticipate

a heartbreak

Don't come here

if you can't choose

love over fear

I've loved and lost

I'm not eagerly seeking

to relive that experience

I'm satisfied being a Dad

I'm far less sad

most days at least

an equal percent happy

so if you want to tap me

as your Noah

your Romeo

talk about the places

we can go

the dreams we will seek

the poems I will speak

and you be a

co-creator something like

a bird in flight

then spread your wings

I may sing flatly

state my thoughts exactly

and wait for you to

open up your notebook to me

then by all means

not tomorrow

but today

be the flower

who grows my way

of her own accord

but don't be shallow

I'm known to get bored

please have some intellectual

and sexual curiousity

lets go deep inside our soul

and live with the source

in that place of interconnectedness

perpetual self correctiveness

not because we are not enough

but because the universe

is like a child

growing wild like a weed

we are atoms

we are the heart cells


your unconditional love

is all I need.


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