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Starry Starry-Eyed Versoli

Photo by Leon Rohrwild on Unsplash

I’ve fallen and misplaced my wings

Not saying I’m an angel

Where I’m from
They don’t call us such things

I had a fondness for wires
Now I can’t reach them

I stood on the right
I stood on the left
Now I impeach them

Disarm narratives
Press paradigms
Offer guided tours
Of rabbit holes
With rhymes

Post partisan
Contrite and seeking reunion
I pray, meditate, worship and commune
It’s February and I’m still waiting for June

I can’t see any clouds in the sky
But I can feel her beginning
To reign in my art

Another Joan of Arc
Is not only possible
She chose my place to stay
On a quiet day
I can feel your breath on my chest
Warm naked caress
Relieving stress
Offering a new beginning
Take it from someone
Who knows how to lose
This right here
Feels like winning

If you want to fly
Too close to the sun
I’ll share my broken wings
If you’re going back to halos
Here’s one I’ve repaired
Prepared to show you I care
How half gods go
Trust yourself
You know

If this should last forever this time
Or if it’s a stolen moment
I’m grateful for the words
We’ve shared
For the irony of your subtle self-loathing
We live in a world full of options
Queen among them is clothing


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