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Twin Flames

 Photo by Etienne Assenheimer on Unsplash

She knocked on the door
to his house of pain
to borrow a cup of intellect.

He led her in,
became her friend, and
showed her tomorrow
in retrospect.

They spoke of love and dreams,
quantum physics
fear and hope,
cultural anthropology, etymology,
math and all its digits,
over beer and smokes.
Thought vibrations for him
put things in order;
quiet where noise
was the only reality

In silence he absorbed her;
injected her with poetry,
philosophy, and musicality.

Energies separated
from bodies, merged
above space and time.

She dissected his heart,
his mind, found rabbit holes
into his rhyme.

Somewhere in the twilight
the poet became her lover,
the poet became her prince.

Addictive love,
higher than any other,
soul ties that were 

a shock to the senses.

She put her consciousness in captain mode,
saw the universe replaced.

He slowly removed her bible belt;
total freedom they embraced.

Passion; prayer and worship,
angels sang as he drank her sacrifice.

Love burned ice blue 

like a wedding 
of darkness and light.

Big Bang Evolution; two gods created,
cherished, embraced, celebrated,

Gave birth to ecstatic souls;
and love was 

no longer isolated.


  1. Awesome! Collapsing the wave into what is a fantastic write! Love the language, the words, the rhyme, the flow...and the song pic, wonderful :) Great start to my week, thanks!

  2. wow very moving yet powerful ...thank you for sharing

  3. This reminded me of how I felt when I first read "Love Always Theory" and it may have just become my all time favorite Theron.

  4. "She dissected his heart
    and his mind and found rabbit holes
    into his rhyme." Wow! Excellent story here. Thank you for sharing! :D

  5. damn, this is wicked the flow and of course the intimate nature...injected rhyme in my veins on the ride...smiles.

  6. I like how it sort of switched gears from warm,hot and hotter.

  7. What an innovative approach to rhyme, and I love the contrast between the intellectual and prosaic.

  8. Another great one Theron!! This is Love... the rhyme of this is just beautiful... "she dissected his heart and his mind and found rabbit holes into his rhyme." Great Work

  9. outstanding opening, impressed.

    check out short story slam today. hope to see your participation.

  10. love word play, like removed her bible belt...they work well with your style, i tend to trim as many 'the' and pronouns as possible in my own work, just a thought.

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  13. I have read this now three times and enjoy the flow of the poem. My thought is that you could experiment with cutting a few 'and' - I have a tendency to link ideas with 'and' and I noticed it in this poem. But perhaps I am projecting :) I think this is a strong poem.

  14. He slowly removed her bible belt
    and total freedom she embraced.

    As a person of faith, I'm not offended by this, and I actually find it one of the most interesting images in the poem. The problem is that it doesn't flow well into the next stanza:

    Their passion was prayer and worship,
    angels sang as he drank her sacrifice.

    What is her sacrifice? To whom is she sacrificing? (The Poet? Hmmm ... the feminists will eat you alive.) Sacrifice is presented here as a vague concept -- and vaguely vampire-ish at that (very cliche these days). Sacrifice is in itself a very rich concept with a lot of poetic potential for you to explore. Now, back to the preceding stanza -- what does "total freedom" have to do with sacrifice? Seems to me that she embraced something a bit more constraining when she let him remove her bible belt. Explore this and play around a bit at the edges. Very interesting poem. I liked it.



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