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Sacred Knowledge

I've never cared much
about a woman's
sentence structure
or punctuation
or minded much
if she used lots
of profanity and slang
although I have this thing
for women like
Janeane Garafalo
I've known
many a unique
I once fell in love
with an exotic dancer
I never tried
to romance her
I would have
taken a bullet
to keep her safe
held her tight
if she was lonely
encourage her dreams
now back to Janeanes
Abbys if you will
like the truth about
cats and dogs
those with intellect
a bit nerdy
wordy and self conscious
with a conscience
and a political opinion
but I love all kinds of women
I've just always
had this appreciation
of how they change
my chemical equation
my quantum mechanics
I can truly say I'm a fanatic
at times an addict
most times truly curious
from the poor country girls
project intellectuals
to the ambitious suburbans
that only accept the luxurious
Its a lot like reading a poem
I'm honored that they
let me know them
especially when we make love
after words they or
I like to ramble
I try not to sleep
because I love when
they get so deep
She's an Abby
I used to think Abby
was the nickname I gave an ex
after that was over I realized
it was more complex
Abby was more of an ideal
a thinking man's woman
who understands how I feel
one of those things
that just works
when it comes to sex
they do or they don't
never indecisive
even if its quick
she's never easy
if its intense
its not hard to please me
when I can see
that I please you
maybe it seems
I'm dependent upon
Abby's reaction
I admit
I do get satisfaction
from solving the equation
every one
since the moment I realized
its not what women want
but what that one woman wants
call me what you will
but I'm a student
a lover
of the nature
of lovers
who make discoveries
with or without me
even with the way they
come and go
I still have this insatiable
need to know


  1. all i can say? it's beautiful!!! (;

  2. Sweet melodic words of nuance. Gorgeous prose and photo alike! (Hugs) Indigo

  3. I love this piece Theron. Thank you for asking me to collaborate with you again x

  4. dang a cascade of goodness....thankful they let you know them...great rhythm and flow to this one as well...great to see you man...

  5. A fine celebration of the art of loving, and appreciating the loved being. Great to read your work again Theron. The title couldn't be more perfect, and the cascading free form impressionistic structure is fluid as the subject, as the emotions that play through the dance.

  6. Each woman has her own beauty, lovely write.

  7. Each one an evolving mystery, each with something different to offer, each satisfying in their own right. Are you happy with each one because of their differences,or perhaps still looking for that perfect Janeane, that perfect "Abby" deep down inside. Fascinating lot of pondering going on here.


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