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The God Hour, Rainbows, and Reunions

If a promised land had terrorists, gangsters, and klansmen,
If it had powerful, greedy, land-grabbing war profiteers,
If its God had armies that murdered old ladies and babies,
Or called on servants to kill, maim, and massacre
Caused disasters just to teach us lessons,
Made us believe we earn our punishments and our blessings,
Or waged war about things we were forced into confessing,
Allowed the poor to be exploited or enslaved,
Live and die in that condition without being saved, 
If we engineered shock and awe invasions that leave former allies hiding in caves,
If suspects were physically and psychologically tortured,
Told that if they don't convince us that we are safe,
Their wives, and mothers, and daughters get raped.
If after mass shootings took hundreds of innocents
The banning of assault rifles still didn't make any sense,
If the poor and homeless were shunned and the rich built fences,
If militant business negotiating made those affected inappropriately intense
And we imagine ourselves liberators instead of invaders,
If we sold weapons to our past, present, and future threats,
Raised the economy high above the environment
When going in debt was the only way we could pay rent,
We were called freeloaders because we didn't like the way our money was spent.
Could we unite nonviolently to advance political revolution?
Forgive and speak peacefully while still demanding retribution?
Speak up? Speak out? Rise together after finding some solutions?
Really look reality straight in the eyes?
Leave the table with mutually agreeable compromise,
Knowing for sure change can be realized,
Like a digital age upgrade of our operating system,
Where we love our enemies and carefully listen?
Maybe the weak become leaders instead of just victims.
Heaven as a democracy arrives here on earth.
Everyone treated like the God they're worth.
No Kings and no crowns just one big expanding
multipurpose multifunction Universe.
Aware we are free,
And that WE the collective has always been ME.

By Deven A, Kennedy, and Ron Kennedy


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