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Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash

I’m grateful for the contradiction I found in
my thinking today.
Tomorrow, that’s one less thing in my way.
Grateful for losing almost everything in
my life
It taught me to value what and who I have.
Grateful for how your words and music
Reign Over Me
Like rain over me
For yesterday’s lessons
Today’s patience and tomorrow’s blessing.
I’m grateful for my near-death experiences.
For this peace that didn’t come easy.
Honeysuckle on a warm summer breeze.
I’m grateful for this space where I sleep.
Grateful for knowing love and knowledge
Are all I get to keep.
For my solitude.
For these words on my fingertips
For the taste of her lips.
And the swing in her hips
As she confidently walked away from me.
I’m grateful for trees.
For new leaves in the spring.
For the sunsets Gaia paints.
I’m grateful for brains
Neither above nor below my heart.
I’m grateful for art.
For beauty
For when Jiddu Krishnamurti
Said real love knows no duty.
I’m grateful for my Richard Bach books.
For knowing love
No matter how long it took.
I’m grateful for diversity of thought.
For knowing what mystics, prophets, and lyricists mean
When they talk about One.
I’m grateful for my sons.
I’m grateful that I can laugh
Even when everything hurts
Inside and out.
I’m grateful for doubt.
I’m grateful that a few of y’all
Feel the words
That are coming out of my mouth.
I’m grateful for progressives in the south.
I’m grateful for my first love
30 years after she died.
I’m grateful
For wide-open spaces
For surviving all my ACES
With love in my heart.
For the chance to play my part.
For silence when the worlds too noisy.
I’m grateful for that space
Between what I think
And what I say.
I’m grateful
For all the breaths
I took today.
I’m grateful for Sway in the morning.
I’m grateful for mourning
And the contrast it brings.
I’m grateful for how Kina Grannis sings.
For John Legend’s heart.
I’m grateful that every end
Is just how the next thing starts.
I’m grateful for Departures
For 15 months in Abbyville.
I’m grateful for Malik Ameer
Halfway across the world
He changed how I see things from here.
I’m grateful for my inability
To settle for anything less
Than what’s authentic and true.
And even though we don’t know each other
I’m grateful for you.
I’m grateful for Malcolm X
Especially after Mecca.
I’m grateful for the woman
Who gave my mom
The Sugar Hill Gang record.
I’m grateful for my cousin
Who cooked perfect bacon
I’m grateful for safety
But more so for justice.
I’m grateful for Cornel West
Ta-Nehisi Coates
I’m grateful for Imani
Jabril, Jalil, and Dewayne Williamson
For Daryl and Rakim
For Eddie Murphy’s
Movie about Iceberg Slim
For Sly & The Family Stone
I’m grateful that I’m not lonely
When I’m alone.
I’m grateful for Sun Tzu
Alan Watts, Muhammad Ali,
Bruce Lee
And last but not least
I’m grateful for ME.


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